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Vicky Reed - Assistant Manager

937-890-7077 Ext. 27


I guess you could say…I was born to be a hair stylist. As a child, my Mom usually took me along when she went to the salon. I watched intently as the stylist performed her magic and I was quickly labeled "Little Critique" as I had no problem expressing my opinion. From a very early age I had a great interest in all that involved beauty and was known as the neighborhood hair / nail / makeup "go to" girl! I even enhanced my Mom's very large portrait of herself that hung in our living room one day as she napped. I was 5 years old! She did not notice until years later! I am dedicated to providing a quality experience for every customer and helping them create a unique look that reflects them as an individual. I have 30 years of practice as well as previous management and salon ownership experience. I have been extensively trained throughout my career by the professionals I admire most. I would just like to close by saying: I am very passionate about my career. This is something that comes very naturally to me. Studying art and aesthetics all my life, I even pursued a different work interest at Sinclair College to become a Graphic Design and Printing Technologies graduate. Yet, I gravitate to the thing I love the most... making people look and feel fantastic! Enjoy your look… Enjoy your life!

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Whether you want a new hair cut, style, or color, a waxing, a facial, nail treatments, a massage, or name-brand hair and skin products, you'll find it all at Shear Joy Salon and Spa!


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Andrea Noelle Martin - Designer

937-890-7077 Ext. 28 - Cell: 371-7696 - Email:


I've had my cosmetology license for 14 years. I have been with Shear Joy for 8 years. I love my "job"! I love my salon and all the people who work beside me! I have the greatest clients! I'm a creative person. It's in my DNA. I'm also a singer / songwriter. I enjoy landscaping and painting old furniture. My true passion in the beauty industry is to make my clients feel good about themselves. There's nothing greater than knowing a client may be having a bad day and when they leave the salon, they feel relaxed, happy, and beautiful. I enjoy shaping and styling to create the "perfect" style for each individual. I love, love, love color! I will listen to your needs and wants and together we will create a beautiful color to enhance your natural beauty! I'm a "thirty-something" who enjoys clients of all ages from little ones to 101!

Christine Jensen - Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT)


I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001 after studying extensively in anatomy, physiology and massage therapy. In addition, I complete 12 - 20 hours of continuing education units every year. I specialize in Swedish Massage and, if desired, Deep Tissue Work, using such procedures as kneading, cross fiber friction and muscle release techniques, while applying light-to-moderate-to-deep pressure. I will also schedule a soothing Hot Stone Massage, if desired. I have enjoyed working with Shear Joy for the past 9 years and plan to stay with Joy indefinitely.

Helen Berberich - Designer

937-890-7077 Ext. 23


I have been blessed to perform within the beauty industry for over 20 years. I graduated from Carousel Beauty College with Top Honors and received a scholarship for the Salon Management Program. Upon joining the workforce, I began training with Sebastian International Training Center where I was selected for further education classes in New York City. I decided to use my new-found skills and soon realized that clients were interested in the health, cutting, and styling of hair. Having been fortunate with my education and seeing such interest by so many, I returned to Beauty College as an educator. For the next 8 years, those who taught me helped me to use my skills to teach the next generation of hair stylists and salon owners the "beauty" within the world of beauty. I was selected as an educator to attend Dudley's Academy of Beauty Art, learning the art of styling and cutting ethnic hair. While attending many hair and salon shows, I was many times reacquainted with former students and realized that the "student" was now a "teacher." I felt it was time for me to get back behind the chair and re-sharpen my skills. In the next 12 years, I was able to excel in new cuts, colors, and style techniques. I began training with Paul Mitchell's Salons to become an educator for their products and salon techniques. I now specialize in Color and Chemical Processing, which requires intense study in hair growth and the effects of outside agents. I was fortunate enough to have traveled to Hawaii where I toured the Paul Mitchell farm. Hawaii's climate allows for the growth of the many natural ingredients which make Paul Mitchell products stand out in the world of beauty. I have never lost the passion for this industry, ever changing and re-creating as an Image Consultant, friend, and style lobbyist. I love keeping my clients excited about looking and feeling their best.

Karen Rose - Designer

937-890-7077 Ext. 26 - Email:


Intuitive. Consultative. Creative… are some of the words I hear from my cherished clientele. As a resident of this area, I consider you, my client, a friend. As a licensed Managing Cosmetologist and Image Consultant for over 20 years, I take great pride in focusing on, listening to, and collaborating with you, first to understand your wants and expectations. Then, we work together to create the exact look or even the complete transformation you were hoping for. A visit with me is always so much more than just getting a haircut, a color, or another service; it is truly about creating a positive, memorable experience from the moment you walk in the door.


Innovative and confident. Proactive in improving and expanding my skills, I regularly participate in classes, hair shows, and industry seminars to bring you the very best in techniques. My true expertise lies in the area of coloring hair as I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Goldwell, one of most prominent and respected hair product companies in the world. While there, I educated salon practitioners on product usage and color techniques. I have also used a wide range of color lines, which have given me the confidence and ability to become a master at color formulating. Hair is my passion. Every client I see is another opportunity to create joy and authentic beauty through the best possible experience! My favorite quote: "Be Calm, Be Strong, Be Grateful" – Anonymous

Patty Beavers - Designer

937-890-7077 Ext. 25


I consider it an amazing privilege to be in the beauty business, now and from the beginning of my career. Humbly, I have to give God "all" the glory for the skills I have to do what I "love" and "cherish" behind the chair. He genuinely instilled in me a deep passion and love for His people and their hearts. That is the foundation to which I attribute my success for 28 years as a stylist. I truly believe the care and development of our inner beauty is first priority and second is our outer beauty. It is amazing what happens to us when the two come together. The outcome is a true beauty transformation. We then start walking, talking and acting like the people God "designed" us to be! Going on four years cancer-free, my new favorite word is: Gratitude!


It is my great honor to be able to come to work everyday and "spend it" with a staff of amazing, very, very gifted and talented Beauty Professionals. We are a family here. Come see us… it's Shear Joy!

Sande O'Cull - Designer

937-890-7077 Ext. 22


I have been a cosmetologist since I was 17; almost 30 years. I received my training at CTC (formerly JVS) and have been an active cosmetologist since then. In the early '90s, I worked backstage for Malibu 2000 prepping and styling models at renowned hair shows. My areas of expertise would be the knowledge I have gained regarding all chemical processes, with color enhancement being my favorite.


In 1990, I became a partner in forming a new salon, "The Mane Stop". In 1995, "The Mane Stop" moved into a new building designed by myself and my partner to become the largest free-standing salon in the area. In 2005, in order to be able to devote more time to my new family, Dave, Hunter, and Derek, "The Mane Stop" was sold to Shear Joy. I am very happy and lucky to still be here as part of Shear Joy.


I have developed and maintain a very loyal clientele over the years and am proud of the personal relationships that I have formed with so of them and their families.

Sherry Cole - Designer

937-890-7077 Ext. 29 - Cell: 937-867-8611 - Email:


In 1979, I attended Dayton Academy of Hair Design and graduated with a Managing Cosmetologist License. For the first 17 years of my career, I worked at Studio 48 in Kettering and then moved to Shear Joy where I have worked since then. So, I have been in this awesome business for 31 years. I truly love my job! Doing hair is my passion and my God-given talent. I specialize in hair cutting, hair coloring, styling and "up-do's" for dances and weddings, etc. I offer make-up sessions and facials at the salon. The sessions are free of charge. All you need to do is make the appointment! In 2007 and 2008, I received "Runner-Up" with Ohio Stylist magazine for the design of my haircut, hair color, and make-up design. I was very excited to receive the honor.


My goal with each client is communication, open-mindedness, honesty, and to make it work for you, so you can re-create the look at home.


All seriousness aside, I love to have fun with my clients and make sure it is an enjoyable experience for you. My hours are as follows: Monday - off, Tuesday 11-8, Wednesday 11-6, Thursday 11-8, Friday 11-5 and Saturday 10-4. I hope to see you soon in my chair ready for an amazing experience!

Teresa Davis - Salon Manager

937-890-7077 Ext. 21


I am the face you see when you walk in the front door of Shear Joy. I have been the manager here since November 2001. It is my job to keep the salon running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. I strive to give the best customer service in the industry. I am very much a people person and love the social interaction that this job gives me. I can't wait to greet you when you come in!

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Lana Ponce - Hair Stylist

937-890-7077 - Ext. 24


I have been a managing cosmetologist for over 20 years. The joy that comes from playing a part in making someone feel good about themselves is indescribable. Whether it is a change of color , a new haircut or hair extentions it can make you feel like a million bucks.  I enjoy doing all of these services and more. One of my favorite services are hair extentions. To transform someones hair to thicker longer hair in one visit is so fun! I have been doing extentions for over 20 years. With continued education classes on a regular basis I am able to keep up with the changes in the styles and methods in the hair industry. The best part are the friendships made in my station. I value my clients and look forward to seeing them. Thank you for taking the time to read my bio and I hope to see you at Shear Joy.

Mikayla Gao - Manicurist


Having done nails since I was young, I enjoy experimenting with fun colors and patterns! I look forward to providing my clients at Shear Joy with a relaxing spa experience ending in gorgeous nails! I currently offer all natural nail services, including regular lacquer and gel polish and through further education will continue to bring the latest trends! All nail art is offered in gel including French tip. I would love to serve you soon!

Veronica Hieatt - Skin Care Specialist


Skin care is my passion. I have been in this field for five years and I love helping people feel radiant and confident. My services include an array of facial treatments for all skin types. I also offer waxing services for removing unwanted hair. Men and women can benefit from a little clean up. Allow me to help you glow.


Amanda Hurd - Designer


I absolutely love my job! It is the most rewarding feeling to see my clients leave the salon confident and happy. Men's cuts are a specialty of mine as I have extensive training in skills requiring close tolerances such as fades. My true passion lies in women's multidimensional color. Hilites, low lites and balayage are where I truly shine. I feel I've found the salon where I can bloom where I am planted. I'm so looking forward to meeting you when you visit Shear Joy.

Carrie Barker - Designer


With a one-of-a-kind personality, I love to aid my clients in expressing themselves through unique hair colors and styles! Although I am new to the industry, my passion for learning and beauty have helped me push my skills to an advanced level. I am constantly wanting to learn more and create more with bright colors and certified extension training. I fell in love with makeup and helping make everyone I encountered feel even more beautiful, and now I can proudly say I do that with their hair as well giving them a total package feeling.

Carrie Barker